Major Drama Series Featuring Blackpool Locations Arrives On Netflix

The highly-anticipated thriller ‘Stay Close’ has arrived on Netflix. Although Harlan Coben’s original story was set in Atlantic City in America, the Netflix adaptation uses the North West of England for the dramatisation of the story. Writers and location directors chose Blackpool as the perfect backdrop for many of the series’ scenes. Indeed, Stay Close kicks off with a carnival that begins marching down the beachfront.

Leading the star-studded cast of Stay Close is acclaimed actor Richard Armitage, who takes on the role of Ray, a paparazzi photographer. Cush Jumbo plays the role of Megan, a single mum living an ordinary life. These two characters are pivotal to the story-line.

Blackpool is then featured in a whole host of scenes in the drama, where photographer Ray now lives, whilst Megan is seen driving back to Blackpool to confront her past demons, while the police drama ultimately lead there.

Speaking to Manchester Evening News, Harlan Coben said, ‘We used Blackpool, while the book is set in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Blackpool really looks a lot like Atlantic City! It’s always a challenge to move things around. I know some people are like ‘you’re not keeping true to the book,’ but I love that hybrid of what British crime does so well and what I do in novels. I love making changes. A book is a book and a TV series is a TV series. They are not the same thing and they shouldn’t be. Both should be compelling stories, but the worst adaptations are the ones that are slavishly devoted to the text.’

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