Malicious Midges Infuriating Local Residents!

In recent days a third generation of 2020 midges have been hatching in Lytham St Anne’s as the current September weather conditions are just perfect for the little vexatious creatures.  Residents say they feel like they are a bug-buffet, with one person sadly reporting even being bitten on the bum!  The swarms have caused a swatting frenzy – with the pesky midges being whacked by tennis racquets at the local club.  Parents are heading off to local pharmacies with children who have had bites from the little bugs.

Only two waves of the flies are usually experienced in a year – the first and most significant being in Spring and the second during the Summer months.

This troublesome third swarm is now expected to stay around for a couple of weeks as the nights get colder and they begin to drop off.

This swarm will lay their own larvae, which will develop and eventually emerge in late May next year.  Watch out!

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