Man arrested in South Shore Blackpool after Police discover huge cannabis farm

This morning (21st December), Blackpool South Neighbourhood Police teamed up with Task Force officers to execute a drugs warrant in South Shore Blackpool.

After gaining access to the terraced house, police uncovered hundreds of cannabis plants. The property was deemed unsafe as officers revealed the walls that had been torn down to create more space, and live wires left exposed near open water containers.

Officers also revealed that the house was infested with “bugs and lice” which were crawling around the plants.

The investigation is currently ongoing, however one male suspect has been taken into custody.

The task force are currently dismantling the illegal drug farm this afternoon, and have not yet released a precise location.

A police spokesman said: “Today Blackpool South NHP with the assistance of Task Force have executed a drugs warrant on a suspected cannabis factory.

“Inside we have found a terrace building where walls have been torn down, electrics bypassed and exposed near open water and bugs and lice hovering around.

“Recent fires have shown how dangerous these organised farms are to neighbours and other residents and the extracting of the electricity also increases prices for everyone else.

“The organised criminal gangs who operate these illegal grows don’t care about the risk to others in our community. One male has been arrested and investigations are ongoing.”

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