Mark Menzies Gives Statement Regarding The Alleged No 10 Christmas Party

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has given a statement to the Blackpool Gazette sharing his opinion upon the consequences of leaked video footage which has since led to the resignation of the PM’s Press secretary Allegra Stratton (pictured in headline composite photograph).

MP Menzies (pictured below) said: ‘I am angered by the video footage which has emerged over the past 24 hours. Given the sacrifices people in Fylde made, to protect themselves and others, this seems a grave insult, particularly for those who may have lost loved ones or who were separated from their families. It is right the precise facts of what happened should be established and I welcome a full inquiry into these matters. If there was an breach of regulations, those responsible should face appropriate action.’

At the time of publication Blackpool South MP Scott Benton did not respond for comment to the Blackpool Gazette.

The Metropolitan Police said it would not be investigating any potential breaches following the release of the video citing an absence of evidence.

However, the Tory Paymaster General, MP Michael Ellis today told MPs that there will be an investigation to establish the facts around events alleged to have taken place in Downing Street on November 27 and December 18. It will also look at a gathering at the Department for Education on December 10. He told MPs: ‘The primary purpose of the Cabinet Secretary’s investigation will be to establish swiftly a general understanding of the nature of the gatherings, including attendance, the setting and the purpose, and with reference to adherence to the guidance in place at the time. If required, the investigation will establish whether individual disciplinary action is warranted. All ministers, special advisers and civil servants will be expected to cooperate with this investigation ’

The Cabinet Secretary who is leading the investigation is Simon Case who was appointed to this position by Boris Johnson in September 2020. At the time of his appointment Boris Johnson said, ‘Simon will make a fantastic Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service. His years of experience at the heart of government and working for The Royal Household make him ideally suited for this crucial role.’

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has continued to deny that any rules were broken on 18th December 2020, when it is alleged that the Christmas party took place.


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