Mark Menzies Is ‘Ready For Rishi’ – Backing Sunak’s Bid To Be Our Next PM

Fylde MP Mark Menzies is backing Rishi Sunak’s bid to be Tory Leader and consequently be the next Prime Minister of the UK

In publicly pronouncing his support MP Menzies said, ‘As an MP for a northern constituency Rishi understands the issues families and businesses face on the Fylde. He is always ready to listen and to deliver support, backing our tourism and hospitality sector and protecting skilled jobs at Springfields. Rishi was there for families and businesses during the pandemic and is ready to tackle the new challenges we face.’

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  1. Rishi is presiding over a disastrous uk economy.As chancellor he has failed to act to deal with the cost of living crisis..instead has raised taxes.He is a socialist in all but name.He is not a leader on the world stage.Not surprising that Mark Menzies would back a loser, for the country and the Conservative party

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