Mark Menzies Writes Letter Demanding Speed Limit Be Reduced To 30 mph on Clifton Drive North, St. Anne’s To Stop ‘Traffic Flying Past’.

Following deep concerns and fears of speeding traffic, dangerous parking together with reports of numerous accidents from local residents, Fylde MP Mark Menzies says he has written to Lancashire County Council to request that the 40 mph on Clifton Drive North, opposite the Coastal Dunes housing developments, be immediately reduced to 30 mph.

Mr Menzies said: ‘I have asked for a reduction of the speed limit after some concerning accidents in the past few weeks. The growth of these two developments at Coastal Dunes means this is now clearly a residential area and should be treated as such by the highways authority. I have already asked LCC to carry out a speed survey and to look at the amount of parking which limits the width of the road, especially near crossing islands. I am pleased to see that survey will be taking place in the coming weeks. However, following a further collision on the road, I have now asked for a reduction in the speed outside the developments. It is incredibly difficult for drivers to turn right out of the two entrances onto Clifton Drive with traffic flying past at often far more than 40mph. I fear further accidents should action not be taken immediately.’

Do you agree that the spped limit should be reduced on Clifton Drive North?


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