In tonight’s Downing Street press conference (05.06.2020) , Health Secretary Matt Hancock urged protesters to avoid going to George Floyd demonstrations across the country ‘for the safety of loved ones’.

This comes as UK’s official coronavirus death toll today (05.06.2020) surpassed 40,000 as health chiefs announced 357 more people had lost their lives to Covid-19. Experts at Public Health England and Cambridge University also today reported that the R rate has now risen to above the critical number of one in two regions of England.  And Lytham St Anne’s is in one of these two regions, i.e. The North West of England.

These scientists have advised that the R-rate – the average number of people each Covid-19 patient infects – is above the danger level of one in our region and the South West of England.

This follows yesterday’s announcement from the World Health Organisation, who noted the UK had recorded more daily deaths than 27 EU countries combined

The Mail on-Line graphically showed these latest R rate statistics.