Menzies Supports Sunak – Benton Supports Truss. Who Would Get Your Vote?

Blackpool South MP Scott Benton has come out in support of Liz Truss in the race to be our next Prime Mister. Explaining his choice, Scott has said, ‘Thanks to all of those who have taken part in my surveys and given me their views on who should be the next Prime Minister. Both candidates would make a good PM but I’ve based my view on who would be the best leader for the whole country; who I think people in Blackpool would prefer; and who can tackle the challenges our country faces.

The key factor for me is who is best placed to get us through this difficult period ahead. Liz’s promises of tax cuts, support for the economy and households with the costs of living are what we need right now. She’s also promised to do whatever it takes to stop illegal immigration on the south coast; is in touch with the views of ordinary people and has common sense on cultural issues; and will continue with the levelling up policies that have already brought millions into Blackpool.

Having worked with Liz before as a PPS in the Foreign Office, I know that she has what it takes to be a great PM. She’s got my vote and although people will have a range of different views, I hope that you will respect my decision.’

Meanwhile, Fylde MP Mark Menzies has come out to back Rishi Sunak’s bid to be Tory Leader and consequently be the next Prime Minister of the UK

In publicly pronouncing his support MP Menzies said, ‘As an MP for a northern constituency Rishi understands the issues families and businesses face on the Fylde. He is always ready to listen and to deliver support, backing our tourism and hospitality sector and protecting skilled jobs at Springfields. Rishi was there for families and businesses during the pandemic and is ready to tackle the new challenges we face.’

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