Mereside Windmill Could Donate Its Four Sails to Lytham to Solve Crisis

Lytham Windmill has currently now lost three of its four sails due to intense storms.

Local resident Roy Ambrose has been in touch with Lytham St Annes News to discuss a potential solution to solve the current “Lytham Windmill Sail Crisis”.  The former Health and Safety Officer has said “Mereside Windmill (Blackpool) has its sails fully intact, and following an inspection I did yesterday they are in very good condition.  Sadly the Mereside Windmill is just sitting lonely in a field and the residents aren’t particularly bothered about it as opposed to Lytham residents passion for their iconic Windmill.  I think it would be an excellent idea if the two communitys could discuss the idea of Mereside Windmill could  donate its four sails to Lythams Windmill. It would only take a few labourers to do the works.  In return the elite wealthy Lytham could help solve some of the poverty issues which are affecting Mereside estate, for example we could provide food parcels with Christmas coming up. I have several buy-to-lets in Mereside and I am fully aware of what an anxious time Christmas is, as historically that’s the time of year my tenants default on their rents”.

Roy added “The donation of the Sails need not be permanent either – they could be returned once we have a more robust solution for the Lytham Windmill  Either way it is a solution – and people travel from far afield to see our beloved Iconic Lytham Windmill”.


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