These are the words of Fylde councillor, Tim Armit, not necessarily the views of Lytham St Anne’s News.

“Just finished the Planning committee meeting. Another 450 houses are now going to be built on School Road the St Annes side of Cropper Road (not the B&Q side). These will lead directly onto School Road not Cropper Road.

This to me is madness in terms of road use and cars but Highway Agency state is ok so it is impossible for us to argue. I did argue but was told it was pointless. So now around 700 more cars will join School Road in the 60mph part where it is narrow, badly cambered, hard to cycle safely on, impossible to walk safely on. Near no shops, no schools and therefore meaning all residents will have to drive if they go anywhere.

Yes we all understand houses are needed and must be built but both the Highway Agency and Environmental Agency just say yes to almost everything and we cant object, its planning gone mad.

Whilst the imaginary Moss Road (only rolled out for election photos) is still no where near starting more and more traffic is put on to School Road and now another 700 cars.”