Park View has announced an increasing rise in vandalism of the beautiful site.
They have released a statement via their Facebook page: ‘Over the last month we have had increased vandalism on the park with a group regularly smashing bottles and breaking, stealing or burning wooden features – including a carved memorial bench to remember our lovely volunteer and friend, 3 fences, a bug hotel, storytelling chair, outdoor classroom structure, 8 wooden carved mushrooms and yesterday evening our new mud kitchen table and cupboards were damaged. We have spoken to the police who have CCTV images of the incidents and are aware of the group, they will also be increasing their evening patrols through the park.
We know we are not the only green open space who are experiencing this behaviour since lockdown was lifted but we would ask our community to support us and contact the police if they see any vandalism taking place.
It is disheartening for the volunteers who have worked hard on creating such a beautiful park and for the families of those people who have donated sculptures to remember their loved ones, as well as an additional cost in repairs for the Park View 4U charity. Thank you for your support.’