Lytham Hall are now taking evidence to the Police.

The management at Lytham Hall have issues a stern warning to a group of vandals that have been repeatedly damaging fencing and hurling verbal abuse.

From Lytham Hall – “A message to the youths that are continually breaking into the grounds outside of hours, removing fence panels and verbally abusing our security staff and volunteers on patrol.

Your images from our cctv and wildlife watch cameras are all being sent to the police, who are also going to now increase their patrols significantly.

We will be taking any further trespass very seriously and will do whatever possible to assist prosecution based on video and photographic evidence.

We will not tolerate this behaviour whatsoever.”

Lytham Hall is reliant on volunteers and charitable funding to operate, and is a well loved and respected part of Lytham’s heritage. These mindless acts of vandalism and enduring verbal abuse will be causing distress to the management and volunteers, and affecting the quiet enjoyment of Hall for visitors. It’s just dreadful.

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