Mini Victory for Walter Avenue Ebayer!

Claire Aindow from Walter Avenue, St Annes has had what she described as a “massive result” from the purchase of a Michael Kors bag from Ebay she bought for £10.00.

The lucky Ebayer had the “surprise of her life” when she opened the side pocket and found £60.00 in cash tucked away.

“I never usually get any luck in life” the Walter Avenue resident explained/ “I was literally dancing round the living room when I found the hidden cash!”.

She also stated “I’m really skint at the moment so this has really made my month – £60.00 is a lot of money to me as I haven’t been in work for years”.

Claire hasn’t decided how she’s going to spend her windfall yet, and she stated that “she will be taking her time to make a decision”.



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