Missing Confused Cat Could Have Walked to Lytham

The daughter of a destraught cat owner has spoken to Lytham St Annes News about her fathers missing cat. Her father has only recently moved to Warton and the elderly cat could have got confused and walked to his former dwelling in the South Park area of Lytham.

Laura Melissa Gasson said “Sox was last at home on Monday night. He was heard leaving the property via the cat flap approx 12.45am. Since then he has not returned. Sox is very old about 20 and is very thin. This is not because he doesn’t get fed…. he eats like a pig! He’s just old and frail. He has recently moved in a September from the South Park area in lytham to beech avenue in warton and as he has still not come home, we are now wondering if he has got confused and try to make his way back to South Park. He is very friendly and has 4 white socks (hence the name). My dad is missing him greatly, being an elderly man, Sox is his best friend and companion and we would do anything to see him home. We are worried he may be stuck in someone’s garage or shed or even someone may have taken him in. We just want to know he is OK. Sox has 2 brothers, Minky and Boo Boo and they have not eaten since Monday as they are missing him. To some a pet is a pet… to others a pet is a family member. Please help to get Sox home.”


If you have any sightings of Sox please email

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