More bollards for our parks and green spaces

Fylde Council are being very proactive about protecting our local parks and green areas.

There have been a few local ‘unauthorised encampments ” over the last few years, on AKS school grounds, Blackpool Road playing fields, YMCA Seafield Road football grounds, to name just a few. This usually causes outrage to nearby homeowners, and presents a health hazard to people and children using the parks afterwards, due to rubbish and human waste often left behind. After multiple complaints, the council are stepping up prohibitive measures to ensure that further encampments are hindered.

From their page 📣 Contractors have started work on-site at Beauclerk gardens, installing timber posts and retractable metal bollards to help prevent unauthorised encampments.

The works at Waddington Road park and Lima Road playing field are now complete 😃👏

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