Second Sail Damaged on Lytham Windmill.

Yet another sail is a victim to extreme stormy weather last night, causing great anguish and concern to local windmill lovers, and users of the green.

Fylde Council have issued the following statement –

Lytham Windmill announced “Due to further storm damage another sail has had to be removed from the windmill. This will be replaced along with the other, and the remaining two sails are being inspected to ensure they remain safe.”

Local dog walker Christine Cook from Ansdell told Lytham St Annes News “I was walking on The Green this morning with my dog, and noticed the second sail was damaged.  I cannot believe this, this is devastating for the resort and will probably take years to fix. It made me feel very down and I walked home in tears.”  Christine added “The Windmill was so beautiful this time last year, now it looks deformed”

Retired Health and Safety Officer Roy Ambrose from Freckleton said “They need to remove the other sails as a matter of urgency, as its only a matter of time before someone gets decapitated and killed.”

Locals are urged to avoid the area, whilst a health and safety assessment checks the other 2 remaining sails.

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