“More Poo Than Pavement”. Dog muck crisis in St Annes Going to the Extreme

Visitors and residents alike are sharing their disgust at the dog muck issue in St Annes which is getting worse by the day and showing no signs of improvement.

Retired Health and Safety officer Roy Ambrose from Freckleton today contacted Lytham St Annes News, he exclusively told the area’s favourite news source “Today I have been in St Annes for lunch and coffee with my wife as we fancied a cheap and cheerful day out which St Annes always offers.  However I noticed what used to be a minor problem is now a major problem. The volume of dog muck.  Ashton Gardens was very bad when I had a walk round, there were mountains of it on the pathways and to my disappointment the grass was sadly covered too.  On close examination of the dog muck at Ashton Gardens I noticed small footprints which means that children have stood in it, most probably not taking their shoes off when they enter their dwelling and spreading the dirty mess around their homes”.

Roy’s trip around St Annes continued and he further commented  “The worst area of St Annes by far was The Crescent.  There was literally more poo than pavement and it was every man for himself trying to get past.  I saw one poor chap literally slide in the dog muck and it was like watching Christopher Dean in action  I appreciate that a lot of undesirables live around The Crescent area who just allow their dogs to soil wherever they see fit and won’t clean up, however the council need to step in and sort this dog mess out as St Annes has a serious problem”.

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