More Than 1,000 Vehicles Caught By Lancs Police With Dodgy Number Plates

Lancashire Police have reminded drivers that, by law, number plates – also known as licence plates – must show a vehicle’s registration number correctly. Letters or numbers cannot be rearranged, and they cannot be altered so they are hard to read, under threat of a maximum £1,000 fine.

Lancashire police have in the past three years caught more than 1,000 vehicles with dodgy plates across our county

Here are the top ten car marques that have been caught with dodgy plates. BMWs take top spot!
271 BMWs
210 Audis
158 Volkswagens
120 Fords
64 Vauxhalls
56 Land Rovers
32 Hondas
23 Range Rovers
19 Nissans
15 Minis
Car designer Afzal Kahn spent almost half a million pounds buying the ‘F1’ number plate. Some, however, use more imaginative ways of making their number plate bespoke.

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