MP Benton Says It was The Best ‘EPISODE’ of MOTD In Years – Adding It Had ALL The Goals In!

Blackpool South MP Scott Benton has been hit with backlash after Tweeting (see below) that last night’s shortened version of Match of the Day was the ‘best episode in years’.  He also suggested in a retweet that football fans should watch GB News instead (see below)! Sadly. his recommended segment of GB News baffled viewers with its complete lack of any football clips – no goals at all were shown, presumably frustrating Scott.

His Tweets came after the BBC shortened the programme to 20 minutes after a walkout by presenters and commentators in solidarity backing Gary Lineker, who was suspended after criticising the government. Taking to Twitter he wrote: “Best #MatchOfTheDay episode in years. Had all the goals in. No ‘expert’ analysis. And finished quicker than usual so I could make the pub for last orders. What’s not to like?”

Comedian Dara O Briain replied : ‘I like the way he said “episode”, the way football fans always say “I hope it’s a good episode of Match of The Day tonight”.’

Thomas Wynne Lewis asked: ‘When was the last time MOTD didn’t “have all the goals in” Scott?’

Aaron Stokes added: ‘I too, like most totally normal people, enjoy nothing more than leaving the house after 10.40pm to make it to the pub for last orders.’

Another replied to say: ‘I love waiting until the end of #MOTD to go to the pub for one beer when the staff are clearing up rather than going to a pub showing Match of the Day anyway at a normal time. I am definitely a football fan and definitely watch match of the day and definitely frequent pubs.’


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