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MP Concerned As Lytham Road Bank Is To Close – ‘Given The Deprivation In The Area’

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MP Scott Benton has expressed his deep concern that the Lytham Road branch of Nat West is to close and is now asking for the decision to be overturned.

The Blackpool South MP said, ‘Very concerned to hear that Nat West plan to close their branch on Lytham Road. This is used by many members of the community and is an area with a particular need for banking access given the deprivation in the area. I have contacted Nat West to argue for the decision to be reconsidered.’

Locals are likewise upset. Cindy Lou Frary is a Nat West customer who regularly goes into this branch, ‘I use this bank nearly every day, I don’t want to be traveling to and from town every day to pay bills and such like. I want our little bank to stay.’

Veronica Allsopp also uses the Nat West on Lytham Road and says, This branch is always busy, I use it a lot because I don’t always have time to go into town. It would be such a shame if it were to close. At least here you can see a teller, in town they are pushing everyone to use the machines, you virtually have to make an appointment to pay money in with a human being.’

Dee Dee Hutchinson replied to MP Benton, ‘You’ll have your work cut out for you Scott, because the banks will do whatever serves their own interest and the banking public can naff off! I’m forced to use internet banking because they closed all the local banks, but what bugs me the most is. . . before I can transfer any of MY money, I have to tell them what it’s for – eg: friends or family, paying a bill, paying for something online et etc. What’s it got to do with THEM what I want to spend MY money on?’

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