MP Mark Menzies Looks Into Holes On The Fylde’s Rural Roads

MP Mark Menzies says that the condition of rural roads across the Fylde has not gone unnoticed. On a recent visit to the Cartford Inn in Little Eccleston he noted that Blackpool Old Road was just one example where patching is no longer appropriate. MP Menzies says he will be asking Lancashire County Council for action to improve local highways.

Also during his visit to Little Eccleston, the Fylde MP met with Julie and her team at the historic Inn and talked about the challenges facing hospitality businesses across Fylde. He also got a chance to see some of the growing range of TOTI products on sale in the deli (pictured below). The Cartford Inn was originally a 17th century coaching inn, and is located at the historic crossing of the River Wyre. It is now renowned as a multi award-winning pub, a first rate restaurant and a truly welcoming boutique hotel.

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  1. Our useless MP goes for a free lunch and then stares at a patched up road.
    I have every faith the these patched up roads will be fixed very shortly.

  2. Challenges face a lot of businesses. The hospitality sector has benefited from considerable support during covid.Some businesses got nothing!Mark Menzies input with respect to business support or the dilapidated roads across the region is unlikely to produce meaningful results.

  3. Corrupt Photo OP MP who ignored my case in his constituency. Vote Mark, get fracked against your will because he was in bed with the corrupted lancs chamber who set Cuadrilla up with a business network of people in the area who would serve them. Babs Murphy and Mark Menzies, We saw what you did, before the public had the final say, which was ignored.

  4. This MP is about as much use as a chocolate teapot. He has done next to nothing for this area. Let’s have a change at the next election.

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