MP Scott Benton Says It’s Good To See Speed Cameras On Clifton Drive

Blackpool South MP was photographed with Lancashire Police who were carrying our speed checks on motorists travelling along Clifton Drive from their Safety Camera Enforcement Vehicle.  MP Benton said, ‘Good to see the Police doing speed checks on Clifton Drive earlier this week. Many residents talk to me about the speeding issues on their street. This is a problem across Blackpool and I’ll be reporting those streets which get mentioned to me to the police so they can conduct speed checks. Unfortunately, the Council don’t tend to implement physical road safety measures on streets any more unless Councillors pay for them out of their ward budget (such as on Clifton Drive recently).’

Colin McMillan replied, ‘Parks in the same places seven days a week, got nothing to do with public safety, all about catching old Betty doing 35 mph in her Nissan Micra, government cash machine!’

John Spurs Thomson complained, ‘I was doing 35.1 mph – got a ticket.’

Kyle Hulton commented, ‘I find a lot of people often use that section of Clifton Drive as if it’s a race track, to try and get ahead of the traffic on the Prom, just to get stuck behind the same car as they were on the Prom. Definitely needs some sort of traffic calming, as I’m sure the residents aren’t too pleased with people achieving motorway speeds in what should be a quiet area.’

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  1. I thought mobile speed cameras (and static ones?) were only supposed to be targeted in those areas and on those roads with a history of continuous serious accidents and/or injuries?

    Are the Police and this MP really saying that there are no other localk areas/roads with a more serious problem with actual accidents and injuries than this one………………………….rubbish.

    Agree with previous poster that this is just ‘appeasement and voter good relations’ and just some extra money to be spent on anything else but road improvements or safety.

  2. I don’t care… left the area twenty years ago… thank the lord… I live in the Peak District now and would never go back to that crumbling hell hole, the Fylde.

  3. This is typical of every town in the country. Easy money for the authorities it would be nice to see money spent on our damaging and costly to us public disgracefull roads where exactly does it go. Probably to more easy money cash machines

  4. They need the revenue from this to pay for the new headgear from baseball cap to more so-called authoritative hats.
    This in turn will lead to less crime in the area.
    What an absolute joke.
    My advice to the police…
    Leave the motorist alone, and start catching real criminals.
    Do your job.

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