MP Scott Benton ‘Slammed’ On His Visit To Rascals Children’s Professional Wrestling Academy

The battles in the Houses of Parliament paled into insignificance when Blackpool South MP Scott Benton took the opportunity to visit the Rascals Children’s Professional Academy on Amy Johnson Way. As witnessed in the featured photograph, the plucky MP got treated to a powerful slam courtesy of Academy leader Ross.

However, Scott took it all in his stride heaping praise on the Academy and its inclusive work in the community. A smiling Scott (see photograph below) said, ‘It’s a great set-up with kids of all ages learning wrestling and the performative art behind it. Ross who runs the Academy is a lovely bloke who gives up a huge amount of time to run the sessions every evening. Thanks for all that you do and keep up the great work. I even managed to give it a go and got slammed into the mat.’

A spokesperson for the Academy said,’ Thank you so much to Scott Benton MP, John & Jack for visiting us, and helping find ways to support us further in the immediate future. We appreciate your time & efforts.’

You can find out more about the amazing work of the Rascals Children’s Professional Wrestling Academy here:

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