MP Scott Benton’s Controversial Tweet Re: ‘This Embarrassing Farce’ Goes Viral

Blackpool South MP Scott Benton earlier this week posted this photograph and message (reproduced below) on Twitter – and has gained over 2,500 retweets and over 9,000 likes.

In his Tweet, MP Benton shared his views on the record number of people crossing the Channel in small boats on one day, saying ‘Stopping this has to be a top priority for the incoming PM. Do whatever it takes. Enough is enough. My constituents are sick and tired of seeing these images. No ifs, no buts, we must find a way to stop this embarrassing farce.’

MP Benton’s controversial statement drew a wealth of mixed messages, ranging from support to anger – some respondents backing his message, others criticising it, particularly during a cost of living crisis.

Typical of the comments which did not share MP Benton’s enthusiasm for stopping this ‘embarrassing farce’ included this reply from one Twitter user who said, ‘It is an embarrassing farce that there are no legal routes for asylum seekers to come to the UK at the moment, you had 12 years to make that route and take back control, you didn’t, you can’t, you lied.’ Another respondent wrote: ‘Why are the 115,000 Ukrainians fleeing a war torn country are ok but these people fleeing a worn torn country (I’m sorry a lot of them are) not ok? I notice the Ukrainians are white. Hmm…’

However, other commentators agreed with MP Benton, for example, ‘Well said, why not take up the mantle and do something. Start with, stopping the benefits to spend in coffee shops and to buy cigarettes. Stop putting them up in hotels, start getting in them into detention centres and treating them like the criminals they are.’ Another wrote, “Letting thousands coming in IS adding to the cost of living. Who do you think pays the hotels & benefits? The NHS strain? The lack of GP & Dentist service. We are a small island that CANNOT support anymore. It’s the biggest scandal of the 21st century!”

Following the controversial post, MP Benton told LancsLive:,’The incoming Prime Minister faces many challenges. Top of the list will be providing families with further support to help with the increases in the cost of living. Among their other top priorities needs to be addressing the unacceptable situation with illegal immigrants crossing the channel. This issue comes up time after time on the doorstep.

The government provides many safe routes for those genuinely in need of asylum but we can’t accept a situation whereby young men in their 20s can circumvent the immigration system and pay to be smuggled into this country. This is costing taxpayers millions of pounds a week to accommodate them and this has to stop. In addition to our Rwanda relocation plan, the new PM needs to find a way to address this problem.’

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  1. Scott Benton says that his government should stop this. The government that he is an MP for. The Tory government that is missing in action. This Tory government is not delivering.
    Time to move on Mr Benton, your party has let us down too many times.
    Ex Tory Voter.

  2. Of course we need this all stopped.
    I do not choose to have anymore immigrants in this country.
    We have far too many and it should never have been allowed to get so bad.
    We are paying billions to support these migrants whether we want to or not it’s a disgrace. They need to stop going through umpteen safe countries to get to Britain.
    What is the point of people getting various jabs for COVID, monkey pox and any other contagious diseases when anyone can just rock up to our shores.
    Turn them around and send them straight back to France or wherever they have come from to get here
    I haven’t been asked if I want to be taxed to the hilt so I can pay for these immigrants.
    Oh and I don’t care about the colour of their skin but it’s always about black or white it’s a disgrace. Woke madness again.
    We are not as racist as people try to make out or they would not continue to keep turning up on our shores.
    Why has our country become lawless.
    You cannot let your children out to play for fear of them being taken or abused.
    Paedophiles are in there thousands hiding in plain sight.
    Gangs, knife crime, rapes of males and females. Grooming, abuse, viloence.
    Its a joke this country I was once proud of my country but now, well what a joke and our government are to blame as they are a joke.
    The government should be sacked for allowing this fiasco to happen and continue to as its been going on for years.
    Get a grip and do your jobs which in my opinion you are paid far too much for and as for the house of lords well that’s just a liberty taken daily.

  3. A lot of these are single or married young males that have abandonded thrie families for a beter life for them selves. Selfish and do not deserve to be here. We have enought imogrants now time to close the door shut permanantly. Why do I feel this way? I have trouble getting a doctors appointment I am on a long waiting list for hospital treatment and acident and emergency hospitals are strugeling. I think that is a good enough resoning the care system cant cope with the people we have. For you with good health good luck but see what will happen with you when you need the care system.

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