PM Discusses Next Steps To Regenerate Blackpool Airport With MPs Mark Menzies & Scott Benton

Fylde MP Mark Menzies joined Blackpool South MP Scott Benton in welcoming the Prime Minister to Blackpool today (Thursday 9th June). MP Menzies wrote, ‘I’m pleased the Government is ready to support families onto the property ladder and to deliver leasehold reform for the people of Fylde.’

On his flying visit to Blackpool Airport the Prime Minister commented on the way forward for its future use. He suggested that Blackpool Council should look at what had been achieved at Teesside Airport which, he said, has ‘bars, duty free, conference facilities and flights going to holiday destinations in Europe.’ He added that Blackpool needed Conservative politicians with a vision to take it on.

Blackpool South Conservative MP Scott Benton said, ‘Last week we had a 10-point aviation plan launched. There are loads of things in there that will help Blackpool, for example on new hydrogen jets going forward.’ He added that the Government had recently introduced measures including halving passenger duty which would help regional airports like Blackpool.

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  1. What a brilliant idea of opening Blackpool airport for European destinations. No more traveling to that hell hole Manchester airport. It would be great news for the people in the north west and I should imagine that it wouldn’t take long before hundreds of people use it, I for one would be.

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