MPs Menzies and Benton Vote Against Last Night’s Bid To Ban Fracking

Fylde MP Mark Menzies and Blackpool South MP Scott Benton voted against a bid by the Labour Party to ban fracking. Both local Tory MPs voted again the move. Labour’s fracking ban motion was defeated by 230 votes to 326.

Scott Benton issued a lengthy explanation of why he voted against the motion which included this: ‘Conservative MPs must vote against the motion to ensure that the Labour Party do not seize control of the order paper, effectively seizing control of Government. This is the reason the motion has been referred to as a ‘confidence vote’ rather than a vote on fracking. ‘

Despite voting against the Menzien to effectively ban fracking MP Menzies said in his defence, ‘My view on fracking in Fylde is clear. I have been pressing the Government to ensure local people have the final say and to make sure that if they say no, that means no.’

However, constituents were quick to share their displeasure. To Menzies, Graham Callander said, ‘You should have grown a pair. You’re a lowly backbencher in a safe seat. Terresa May voted against!!!’

Other constituents of Menzies and Benton agreed with Graham,   Danny Mather said, ‘Sorry Mark you’re full of the proverbial. Fylde spoke very clearly last time. Yet again tonight you’ve shown your colours as a spineless career politician by voting in opposition of Fylde opinion on fracking. You voted FOR fracking.’  Vicki Day commented, ‘He works for his constituents not against them. Truss is dead in the water so he could have for once just voted for the people who voted for him.’ Lucy Latham said, ‘Obviously your vote this evening says everything I need to know about you as a conservative. If you feel that you can still support this total shambles of a government whose manifesto depends on what day it is then obviously you will not be receiving my vote.’

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  1. Menzies is a spineless career politician. What has he ever actually done for the Fylde?
    I’m sick of the Tories. I will never vote for them again.

  2. I’ve said this before.
    As long as Conservative are in government this is what you’ll get.
    No honesty or integrity.
    Menzies did have his moment, and stood up for ANTI – fracking.
    But then bottled out when it really mattered.

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