“Mysterious Masturbator” Causes Horror for Lytham Residents

A local resident has issued a stark warning of a “Mysterious Masturbator” prowling the streets of Lytham.

In a public statement, the appalled local stated:


A man spotted outside my mum’s\apartment (south Clifton street) *pleasuring himself* with his manhood out!

He then disappears and then reappears coming out of Shepherd Street, obviously just finished the deed

Description *mid 50’s, tall, thin, with grey hair and a rucksack on, hood up*

Please be wary, he could be dangerous to young girls and boys!

This warning has created a lot of hysteria for many locals, and residents are on alert to see if he will be back.

It is advised if anyone spots the “Mysterious Masturbator” they should ring 999 immediately.



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