Mystery in the Evening Skies as UFO Spotted Over Lytham

Lytham St Annes News has had several people from the community contact us in relation to an Unidentified Flying Object spotted on BOTH Saturday and Sunday night.

Tony Lawton from Lytham contacted Lytham St Annes News and said “I was walking with my wife and dog at around 5:15pm on Saturday when I saw a strange light in the sky. There was no noise and it was stationary.  I said to my wife “look at that drone it’s huge! Then all of a sudden it shot away in a speed that no plane or drone could do  It had three multi coloured lights”.

A St Annes Road East couple who were dining at Anatolia Sea View spotted the object.  They said “We saw it hovering over the sea and we thought it was a rescue helicopter but it literally shot off at an immense speed Northwards”.  This was also Saturday night.  They added “it had three lights and was square shaped”.

James from Hambleton also spotted the objected also described as multi coloured however he saw this on Sunday night.

This also coincides with the Blackpool Gazette’s report released today of Zowie Sinclair account who says the saucer-shaped object was caught on camera as it appeared above the beach opposite Coral Island at 8.41pm on Saturday, October 30.


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