Upset residents on Elmhurst Road are becoming increasingly frustrated due to what they perceive to be a lack of care from Lancashire County Council.

A livid resident told your Lytham St Annes News “Nothing is being done to the roads or pavement, we are having to live with sinkholes, flooding as well as loose, cracked and uneven flags.  It’s terrible.  I have emailed LCC and Councillor Nash to no avail.  This morning we have another flooded pathway.  It’s getting beyond a joke.  To add insult to injury I’ve just had my council tax renewal which clearly states we are paying for water removal from the roadways!  I cannot even leave my property in a normal manner, I have to step over the wall and walk down next doors drive to get out.  This causes a great inconvenience”.

The despairing resident also said “I can’t blame Storm Ciara for this, it happens every time is rains!”




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