New 120-Space Car Park For Whitehills Business Park

Fylde Council has given the go-ahead to the construction of a new 120-bay car park with associated access, fencing, street lighting and drainage facilities on land adjacent to Olympic Court, Boardmans Way, on the Whitehills Business Park (see featured aerial photograph). Currently some employees routinely park on-street due to a lack of available spaces.

Plans for the car park were submitted by Henco International Ltd, which owns the land. Their planning statement said: ‘The Olympic Court development was completed in April 2008. Parking onsite was completed in accordance with the approved drawings. During in the intervening years this site and the Whitehills Business Park area in general has become more developed and more occupied with businesses and their staff. The problem relating to parking has been growing exponentially with the success of the business park. On-street parking throughout the business park has become a problem and concern not only for access, but is now becoming safety concern. The need for additional parking has become evident. Henco International Ltd has recently acquired the land adjacent to Olympic Court and is proposing use 0.75 of an acre of this land to provide 120 overspill parking spaces for the benefit of the Olympic Court development and the wider estate. The site will be accessed directly from the Olympic Court development. All the spaces will be allocated to business users of the site on an annual basis; the site will be managed by Henco International Ltd who are conveniently based in Olympic Court.”

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