New Children’s Play Area Open On Blackpool Road North Playing Field

The new play area on Blackpool Road North Playing Field is now open. Earlier this week, the Leader of Fylde Borough Council , Councillor  Karen Buckley, joined ward councillors Cllr Roger Small and Cllr David O’Rourke to check on the progress (featured photograph). This new play area, costing £125,000, is part of a £250,000 upgrade of this well-used, popular park.

Cllr Karen Buckley, Leader of the Council, said: ‘We have made substantial budget provision for parks over the last few years which is really paying dividends. It’s fantastic to see the latest investment of new play equipment at Blackpool Road North Playing Fields for local children to enjoy.’

Cllr Roger Small, Deputy Leader and Kilnhouse Ward Councillor, said: ‘We are delighted that the new park is almost ready to be opened on Blackpool Road North with over £250,000 spent on upgrading the park as a whole. We know this will be well received by the residents in Kilnhouse ward.’

Cllr David O’Rourke, Kilnhouse Ward Councillor, said: ‘We are pleased to see the new play area at Blackpool Road North Playing Field complete. It is a welcome improvement which we hope local children and families will enjoy. It’s the 2nd phase of the overall improvements following on from the new drainage and we hope to continue with phase 3 being general improvements to the park and new facilities for St Anne’s FC subject to funding.’

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  1. Oh fantastic, I can’t wait to take my kids on there, oh hang on, they’re all grown up now, let’s hope all the scrotes round the estate don’t wreck it for the young ones to enjoy

  2. I’m so proud of my parents for organising, planning and working tirelessly for a great number of years to ‘persuade’ the council that this was a necessary resource required for this community. It took years for them to finally be heard. They acquired sponsorship from ZellEm for the benches, bins and noticeboard, and have planted hundreds of spring bulbs, despite both my parents facing health challenges. They united the community and never gave up. Courageous Advocacy at its best. I hope that they receive some recognition for their huge part in creating this project.

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