New Granny’s Ice Cream Kiosk Plan ‘Discontinued’

The futuristic ice cream kiosk at Granny’s Bay, Fairhaven (pictured above) – which has been the centre of much controversy and local debate – will not be built as the plan is set to be scrapped.  This follows the planning consent being quashed.

A Fylde Council Spokesperson has shared this statement with regard to the development of a new Kiosk at Granny’s Bay, ‘The local planning authority’s decision to grant planning permission for the development of a kiosk at Granny’s Bay has been the subject of judicial review proceedings by a local resident, who argued that aspects of the Council’s interpretation of planning policy were incorrect.

The Council has agreed to the court quashing the planning permission on the grounds that one of the elements of the assessment of planning policy was inaccurate.

In recent weeks, the Council has been considering formal tenders submitted for the Granny’s Bay development which have come in over budget. It is clear the project does not provide the rate of commercial return originally forecast, making it economically unviable. The council has a duty to consider best value that is always assessed when the final cost for a project is known.

In this case, the construction costs had increased significantly from the approved budget for the scheme. A report will therefore be considered by the Executive Committee on May 23 recommending the project be discontinued, and the planning application withdrawn.’

Earlier this week Lytham St. Anne’s News received this statement from concerned local objectors:

‘Fylde Council’s attempt to build a licensed café on the coastline at Granny’s Bay has been halted. After several years of supporting this development without gaining any planning permission, our Council eventually granted itself planning consent in March this year.

In the wake of a judicial review instigated by Lytham Voice, the Civic Society and many residents, the Council has accepted that in approving the planning application it disregarded the National Planning Policy.

As a result, the planning consent has been quashed. We would like confirmation from our council that they will not persist with their attempts to build on this open space.

This land has never been built upon and was granted to the council as public recreational open space. In proposing this café, the council were also going against their own environmental policies in the Local Plan. Responsible organisations such as the National Trust make great effort to prevent this sort of development, especially in such sensitive wildlife areas as this.

If planning consent could so easily be granted for Granny’s Bay it puts Lytham Green and the rest of our unique coast at considerable risk, perhaps more than ever before. We are working together to protect our greatest assets – open space and freedom to roam. Our coastline is now a development site.’

It now seems that the confirmation requested  by the objectors has underpinned the Council’s statement.

The existing ice cream kiosk is depicted below.

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