New equipment to further facilitate 5G coverage across the Fylde Coast has now been installed. Two towering 20 metre high 5G masts have been set up on the pavement outside B&M Bargains at the junction of Whitegate Drive and Greenwood Avenue in Blackpool.
In December 2019, Blackpool Council granted planning permission to EE Ltd and Hutchinson UK Ltd for the erection of a brand new 65ft mast plus the upgrading of an existing mast.
Documents which were sent to the council as part of their application stated that consolation had been carried out with ward councillors and nearby St John Vianney’s Catholic Primary school.
The documents stated: ‘The proposed location at the junction of Greenwood Avenue and Whitegate Drive is an established telecommunication site. This submission is purely to upgrade this existing cell with new equipment to facilitate 5G coverage. The current street works installation is being replaced by a proposed new monopole and a second monopole in close proximity. The nearest residential property is located side on to the proposal and thus is not directly overlooking it. The immediate area is predominantly commercial and thus this is an appropriate location for the proposal.’
EE Ltd issued a reassurance that the 5G technology would be safe for nearby residents and shoppers, dispelling much publicised apprehension and anxiety that the powerful new radio waves could prove harmful to the public’s health.
EE said: ‘It is in full compliance with the requirements of radio frequency (RF) public exposure guidelines of the International Commission on Non‐Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) on the limitation of exposure of the general public to electromagnetic fields (0Hz to 300 GHz).’