Nicola Was ‘High Risk’ Because She Had ‘Significant Issues With Alcohol’

Lancashire Police have this afternoon (Wednesday 15th February) said that ‘individual vulnerabilities’ placed the missing Nicola Bulley, 45, in highest category since start of investigation into her disappearance. The mother of two was vulnerable and graded as a ‘high-risk’ missing person the day she disappeared, owing to ‘some significant issues with alcohol’

Lancashire Police said, ‘Sadly, it is clear from speaking to Paul and the family that Nicola had in the past suffered with some significant issues with alcohol which were brought on by her ongoing struggles with the menopause, and that these struggles had resurfaced over recent months. This caused some real challenges for Paul and the family. It is an unusual step for us to take to go into this level of detail about someone’s private life, but we felt it was important to clarify what we meant when we talked about ‘vulnerabilities’ to avoid any further speculation or misinterpretation.’

Lancashire Police added that they were called to a concern for welfare at her home last month. Health professionals also attended on 10th January, the force said, adding no arrests were made but it was being investigated.

The Police also confirmed, ‘We have explained to Nicola’s family why we have released this further information and we would ask that their privacy is respected at this difficult time.’

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  1. Menopause, menopause, menopause,
    The new catch All Excuse!
    Once again, only women?

    Who plied her with Alcohol?

  2. No one. She used it to cope with the pain of coercive control, probably over many years. No one arrested because the abuse was not physical and so no evidence apart from her word, if she even told police about the abuse, which she probably didnt, fearful of being punished by the abuser. Good luck to such a brave lady.

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