Nine Dogs & Seven Cats Seized After Warrants Served By Fylde Rural Task Force

Fylde Police have shared the news of how the Fylde and Wyre Rural Task Force have effectively been working on multi-agency initiatives to intervene when animals are being kept in poor living conditions.

The successful partnership of the local Rural Task Force with other agencies and departments includes recently executing 2x animal welfare act warrants with the RSPCA. One of these warrants led to 5 cats being seized from a property due to their poor living conditions. The second warrant implemented on another occasion led to the Rural Task Force seizing 9 dogs and 2 cats.

The team have also conducted a waste management operation with Wyre council, the Stolen vehicle team, NHPT and DVSA to target people who are illegally carrying waste and likely to fly tip.

Other recent enquiries have led the to the seizure of a stolen Ifor Williams horse box (photograph below), and the Task Force have worked with the stolen vehicle team to identify the true identity of the trailer and the original owners.

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