Whilst golf links around the country have featured tributes to our NHS (see below) , Blackpool’s Stanley Park Golf Course has this weekend been defaced with a large obscenity formed by what is thought to be weed-killer graffiti which says ‘ ‘NHS *****’,  etched into the grass (photograph from Blackpool Live). Nearby a large swastika has also been imprinted on the grass. As the incidents are an act of criminal damage, people are now being called on to report anything they may know to police on 101.


Comments on Blackpool’s Voice include: ‘Let’s help find and prosecute them’ and ‘We need to start taking some control back from these mindless muppets, this is just another example of what certain groups & individuals are doing to cause nuisance and criminal damage in their neighbourhoods & communities……but obviously we need to do it in the best way we can….and legally.’