Following the introduction of the new guideline that requires all public to wear a mask when entering a shop, there has been criticism stating that it may be too late. It is a theory that it has been introduced before vulnerable people will be advised to finally come out of lockdown in early August.

However, experts warn that asthma sufferers should not be among those wearing face masks, as they can make breathing harder for the 12% of Brits who suffer the condition.

The condition makes those who suffer have shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing, and can cause inflammation of the lungs. Asthma sufferers are amongst many people who may be severely affected by COVID-19. Asthma UK have advised against wearing masks, stating: For some people with asthma, wearing a face covering might not be easy. The government has advised the people with respiratory conditions don’t need to wear face coverings – so if you are finding it hard then don’t wear one.”

Although people with the condition have been officially told they do not have to wear the mask, many may feel awkward entering a shop without one – having to encounter stares and comments from others, or questions from shop workers.

This may also give people who do not suffer from Asthma, to fake it in order to not wear a mask. The law has been introduced as a safety precaution, and to not wear one for no real reason other than not liking it, may really risk others’ live, especially the vulnerable.