On Sky News, Blackpool South MP Scott Benton Says Tories Support Boris – And It Is Time To Move On

Blackpool South MP,  Scott Benton, has told Sky News this afternoon (Wednesday 25th May) that it is now time to move on from Partygate, and that Boris Johnson is the best person to lead our country forward.

Following the publication of the Sue Gray Report into the Number 10 Parties during lockdown, Blackpool South MP Scott Benton gave a lengthy interview to Sky News. He reiterated his personal support for the Prime Minister, saying that the vast majority of Parliamentary Tories believe Boris Johnson is the best person to deliver the opportunists of Brexit and the levelling up agenda. He once again stressed that it was now time to move on.

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  1. what a muppet. Why do the people of Blackpool South vote of liars, incompetents and the plain undeserving?

  2. God Blimey what an absolute dipstick this Guy is, start packing Scott you’ll be out as soon as we can physically remove you. You do not represent the Honest majority in this Parliamentary Seat.

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