Ongoing Issue Of Motorhomes Parking On Promenade Discussed

Local hoteliers in St. Anne’s met with local PM Mark Menzies to discuss the ongoing issue of motorhomes taking up car parking spaces along the Promenade.

Following the meeting Fylde MP Menzies said, ‘We are making good progress and are working on a solution that will protect free parking by placing limits on the length and time of stay for motorhomes. I will be following up with Fylde Council and Lancashire County Council to ensure this is put into action. Our hospitality industry is vital to the local economy by supporting local jobs and investment.

MP Menzies added, ‘I want to thank the Grand Hotel -Lytham St. Anne’s, Mode Hotel and Hy Hotel for their time and feedback today. ‘


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  1. How long will motorhomes be allowed to park. Day visitors bring in revenue. There will be some motorhomes that will park on the side streets instead if the time is too short.
    Perhaps only restrict parking on the narrower section of the prom by the hotels but have no restrictions from beach cafe to fairhaven and north from the pier.
    Or alternatively build an Aire as in France villages. They are considered a good thing as they bring in revenue without ripping off the motorhome owners. The existing motorhome parking is expensive considering there are no facilities and not big enough for most motorhomes,which are different to campervans. I speak as a motorhome owner who likes to visit places like st Annes during the day but prefer to use proper sites overnight.

  2. These motorhomes should be on local sites and not on the promenade. There should be NO overnight parkjng. By parking for free they are depriving site owners of valuable income. I disagree that they are providing revenue in the local economy. Everytime I pass a mmotorhome the owners are sitting inside drinking tea or having a picnic on the green.
    Amazing how the hoteliers can get action whereas the residents have been campaigning for years with no success!

  3. Motor homes should pay for parking.No parking should be free on the promenade. Its highly unlikely that visitors to stannes will not come if parking isn’t free!
    The town needs revenue and charging for parking seems a good way to increase income without further taxes on residents and businesses. Its good to see hoteliers finally making a stand as looking out from a sea front hotel at a ” camping lot” , is not a pretty sight

  4. I can’t believe that the council is having meetings to stop people enjoying our beautiful beach’s and local amenities. Surely it is irrelevant if they come by car or by motor home? If these people are lucky enough to own a motor home and want to park up for the night then let them!!
    Queensway is blocked every single day causing problems for our emergency services, people going to work etc… and don’t even get me started on the amount of mud on the road, it’s a disgrace. Surely our council would be better off concentrating on getting the radar road open again, to eliminate the jams rather than trying to stop people parking on a public road?

  5. There are some “motorhomes” on the promenade which are not just staying overnight. There are a handful of old converted vans which people obviously live in and stay on the promenade for extended periods. They are unsightly and should be moved on.

    I think the overnight charges for Motorhomes seem reasonable as the places are generally full, and I believe some Motorhome users have been asking the Council for more spaces to be provided.
    I Believe most of these Motorhome owners bring their own food and drink, so do not contribute to the local economy, so should be charged the overnight fee.

  6. Why doesn’t the council nominate certain car parks, put in relevant services ie electric, waste water, showers and pay some one to oversee it?
    They would create local much needed work help the local economy and community!
    And more importantly help to solve the problem over illegal and unsightly parking???

  7. My view is that any motor vehicle having paid road tax should be able to park on any road which has no parking restrictions.

  8. Businesses of Lytham & Lytham St Anns should welcome Motorhomes & Camper vans as the shops need the money coming in at these very difficult times I think I rather my money is spent in the shops rather going to the council with ridiculous parking charges…Pity the hoteliers don’t look at how much they are charging visitors to stay – Many ungrateful snowflakes around this area it’s unbelievable…🤔….Quick reminder……How dare they bring their money and spend it in our shops – bars and restaurants….its an outrage….🤬

  9. As a resident of a building on the Promenade I can say without contradiction that we are all blighted by the rows of freeloading campervans that contribute nothing to the town or local businesses.
    Our residents in our property pay over, £50K in council tax for the privilege of living on the seafront only to look out on these vehicles who pay nothing, some even seem to be living permanently. We are just left with the costs of clearing the rubbish they leave behind! Where else on the Fylde coast is parking free! Our efforts as residents have been completely ignored by the local council, Lancashire Council and our MP and at least it seems someone is listening to the hoteliers !

  10. I have visited Lytham on many occasions, and would be happy to use designated areas and pay, but the fees are extortionate for somewhere with no facilities. There are scrupulous motorhomes that don’t obey the rules and pay 20p to dispose of their toilet waste and dump their grey waste on the road, these people give veteran motorhomes a bad name, and I agree, should be stopped, but banning them from the promenade would push them into the sidestreets, which would be worse. Be like France and Spain and embrace motorhomes, give us facilities and decent parking areas and we will give you our business, as I always do when I visit! The hotels should not be running a business if they can’t supply the facilities, or arranging parking for their guests, they charge enough, I know as I have used them! We pay a large road tax, are we not entitled to park on the road?

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