Oxford Road, St Annes hit once again by attempted burglary in the dead of night

Local mother, Laura Peters, has taken to Facebook to warn others about the SECOND attempted burglary on her property within a week!

With the popular ‘Ring’ doorbell installed at the front door, Laura was able to record a stranger approach her house in the middle of the night on 7th/8th December, to rummage around the front porch where her children’s football boots are kept.

The man did not take anything this time, however this is the second time a stranger has suspiciously approached the property, which is situated on Oxford Road in St Annes.

Last week Laura reported a break in to the family’s shed where items were taken, however the she stated that she was able to retrieve the taken items.

A local named Greg Livesey commented that on Dorset Road last night, burglars were attempting to open cars. Greg unfortunately left the car door unlocked and woke up to the car door left open and the glove box had been rummaged through.

locals comment about burglaries on cars

Another local named Natalie Coupe commented that she also found her car in the same state, with nothing taken but the car door left open.

A similar situation occurred on 24th November in Fleetwood, where CCTV footage show 3 men dressed in black rummage through an unlocked Range Rover after attempting to enter several cars down a residential street at 1.20am.

Locals must be alert and ensure that car doors, gates, sheds and house doors are locked at all times, with burglars making petty attempts to steal during the night. 


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