With statistics showing that our county has currently one of the worst infection rates in the country, Lancashire’s Deputy Chief Constable Terry Woods (pictured above) has strongly urged residents to maintain social distancing to help our area avoid more cases – and conceivably a future local lockdown.

His message comes as lockdown-lifting continues next week and non-essential retailers are allowed to reopen. Our Deputy Chief Constable has asked residents in our region not to forget that we are still in the centre of the pandemic, one which evidentially persists in the North West more than in most other parts of England.

DCC Woods, the Gold Command for the Lancashire Resilience Forum said, ‘People need to be mindful that, regardless of what they see on national TV, the picture isn’t quite like that for us – it should be in the next few weeks, one hopes, but at the minute, there is a higher risk in Lancashire. I’m advising my own family to be really careful outside – and if they don’t need to make a journey, then don’t. Just treat it as being pretty hazardous outdoors.’

These most relevant observations were also shared by DDC Woods, ‘I’m seeing people not adhering to the straightforward guidance – people who are from different households sitting down in groups, having physical contact with each other, touching their faces and clearly not washing their hands.’

Although he had no further information about the implementations of local lockdowns, he added: ‘You can see from the data that if we can’t further control and reduce the outbreak in Lancashire, then if the government considers local lockdowns, areas like ours would be susceptible to fitting the criteria.’

His message was firmly underlined by advice from Lancashire County Council’s Director of Public Health, Dr. Sakthi Karunanithi, saying that ‘the onus is on us to avoid a second spike in coronavirus infections.’