Written by Cath Powell

These are my personal observations and before considering having a go at me please remember that I dedicated 13 years of my life towards creating this park. So I have earned the right to express my opinions frankly and publicly.
Firstly, let’s start by wishing Park View 4U a very Happy 16th Birthday! Yes that’s right it’s 16 years old today at 6.30pm to be precise.  (see the original poster below)
We all know what a great park and asset to the community Park View 4U is, however over the past few years the emphasis has noticeably changed from the original community led concept of providing all-inclusive play and recreational facilities to much more of an ‘educational’ focus. Now don’t get me wrong funding for education about bees is fantastic and some would argue extremely necessary, and receiving £20k to upgrade the woodland walk is admirable.
However, the trustees seem to have got their priorities wrong and have taken their eye off the ball when it comes to the overall maintenance of the park and its facilities. The photos below highlight some of the much needed work that is essential in order to prevent play areas from being condemned. Unless essential maintenance is carried out there is a real danger that play equipment will start to disappear, gradually removed piece by piece for health and safety reasons.
The BMX Club has sadly folded due to lack of support, the café has now closed but I understand it will be offered out for lease in the New Year, equipment is failing and some areas of the park look badly neglected and unloved. The current trustees have created a new charity which I believe doesn’t require them to have an AGM. Consequently they are not accountable to the local community from whom they are seeking donations from.
If I had a pound every time someone tells me what a sorry state the park is in, it would make a significant replenishment fund! And before anyone shouts that it’s Fylde’s responsibility, actually it isn’t. 5 years ago the trustees were presented with a comprehensive report from the council detailing the projected lifespan of each piece of equipment and safety surfaces along with costings to replace but nothing has happened since.
So Park View has reached 16 years of age but unfortunately is not looking so ‘sweet’! Since my last post on Facebook I have been contacted by former trustees and employees of Park View to see what can be done. Therefore I am proposing to organise a meeting for all interested parties with the intention of forming a friends group to raise funds solely for play equipment and park amenities, the idea would be to work directly with the council to help to restore the park to its former glory and maybe also enhance it, we will prioritise a maintenance//replacement programme of works according to public consensus ie if your kids want the BMX track re surfacing then we could target that first, if it’s considered that the toddler area needs refurbishing as a priority then we’ll look at that.
So please get in touch, everyone is welcome including those young people who were previously told they weren’t suitable to be trustees!!!!

There is no malice intended with this post, just an overwhelming desire to sort things out before it’s too late. Come on Lytham we’ve done it before and we can do it again!!


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