Petrified Residents Report Relentless Rampage Of Psycho Seagulls In Blackpool

Marauding gangs of psycho seagulls are currently terrorising locals and visitors to Blackpool, according to a startling report in Saturday’s (03.04.2021) Daily Star.  With the sunny, warmer Spring weather, a brand new nesting season begun, provoking the vicious birds to go on the rampage.  The pillaging and plundering gulls with razor sharp beaks have been aggressively attacking everything from cars to bins. As the days lengthen, Blackpool residents have been woken as early as 6.00 a.m. to the sounds of the crazed gulls pecking violently on car windows.

One anxious woman, Mya, told the Daily Star that she had trouble walking down the street as the greedy gulls would swoop around her looking for food.  Another fearful resident told the Daily Star, ‘They’re on the roofs of cars looking down at people menacingly, looking for trouble. They even seem to be attacking their own reflection in the car window screens, thinking that it’s a rival bird. Most cars have largely been stationary durng the lockdown, so perhaps the gulls are trying to break into the vehicles. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt, as they’re very aggressive.’

The Star editorial, commenting on the article, says that with the lockdown the gulls have had months without their usual diet. As the restrictions ease, they are ready and waiting for us!

Headline photograph by Dave Nelson

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