Plans For Cross Ribble Links From Lytham To Southport (Pity They Are More Than A Century Old!)

Our transport links to the regions South of Lytham St. Anne’s would have been very different if the either of the two innovative Lytham to Southport tramroads, crossing the Ribble Estuary, had been constructed more than a century ago. One pioneering tramroad was planned in 1899, the other ground-breaking link was deliberated upon during the years 1900 -1906.  Both radical schemes would have bridged the Ribble Estuary facilitating a quick and easy link from our area to Southport and beyond. (The estuary at its narrowest point is around four miles between Crossens near Southport and the shore between Warton and Lytham.)

The map is from ‘Southport in the Age of the Tram’ by Cedric Greenwood and James Dean.

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