Police Catch Wanted Sex Offender Having Been Told To ’Look In Greggs’ To Find Him

The police have caught a wanted man after members of the public jokingly told them to look for him in Greggs. Shaun Aver, 36, was wanted on recall to prison after repeatedly breaching his sex offender notification requirements. He was known to have links to Preston, Blackpool, Blackburn and Fleetwood – but was eventually captured on Merseyside.

Aver was described as of no fixed address and was required to register at the police station every seven days as part of his Sexual Harm Prevention Order. He failed to do so and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Detective Constable Stewart Marshall, of Blackpool Police’s Management of Sexual or Violent Offender (MOSOVO) unit, had previously described Aver as ‘a risk to women and children’.

Aver’s mugshot was the catalyst for a wealth of comments on  Facebook, Tom Goulden joked: ‘Wanted for baking and entering & possession of an offensive jumper.’

‘He’s behind the counter at Bury Greggs! You’ll catch him if you park up outside and wait. We’ll call it a Steak Bake out,’ Aaron Lee replied.

‘Just proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, some people will wear anything,’ Lynne Rohmann added.

Emily Robinson joked: ‘Imagine getting lifted wearing that jumper.’

Maria Carty said: ‘If he’s not wearing the matching leggings I’ll be disappointed.’

‘Best publicity Greggs and Primark have had,’ echoed Vanessa JS.

‘He’s never going to live that mugshot down. If he’s not arrested for his crimes against fashion he’ll want to be arrested to hide his humiliation.’

Greater Manchester Police reposted the Facebook plea, adding: ‘Other bakery chains are available.’

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