Police Report ‘No Crime Was Committed’ With Regard To Blackpool Boy With Severe Burns

A spokesperson for Blackpool Police has shared this information with regard to the report of a school boy who was allegedly set alight by thugs who asked ‘Do You Want To See A Magic Trick?’ This incident was reported yesterday (2nd November) in Lytham St Anne’s News and also in the national press.

The Blackpool Police spokesperson today (3rd November) said, ‘You may remember yesterday we appealed for witnesses after a 12-year-old boy suffered burns in an assault in Bancroft Park, Blackpool.

Following CCTV enquiries and having spoken to the boy involved, we are satisfied that no crime has taken place and it was accidental.

The incident was reported to us in good faith by a member of the public who stopped to help and we are now supporting the boy involved.’

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  1. I would think this boy is afraid of repercussions. You don’t accidentally set fire to someone’s clothes.

  2. There is something very wrong about this story. This child is probably terrified of repercussions so he has told such a daft story. Poor little boy. What on earth has gone wrong with British children and when will someone step up to fix it?

  3. another case of police incompitence, clearly hes scared something else would happen if he said anything and i cant believe the police are too thick to see that.

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