Police to Monitor and Target Red Light Runners on A583 Near Kirkham

Reports of ‘red light runners’  on the A583 near Kirkham have been sent into Lancashire Police last night (28th October).

A number of calls to the police revealed a number of irresponsible drivers have failed to comply with traffic signals. Many concerned locals have reported this as they fear for the lives of other motorists and pedestrians.

Lancashire police have announced that due to the number of reports they have received, they have dispatched local Fylde police officers who will be working in partnership with Lancs Police Tacs Ops to conduct a number of operations in the area. This will target drivers who are taking risks without care for others on the road.

The police took to Facebook to make this announcement, with many locals in agreement, however others claimed that there is a fault with the lights. They state that the green light only appears for a couple of seconds, meaning many frustrated drivers try to pass on the amber light, and in turn nearly causing a crash with those setting off on the other lights.

Kevin Southern commented: “You mean the ones on the roundabout that change in less than 1 second so everyone who tries to squeeze past on the Amber nearly gets hit by someone setting off quick… they need sorting the lights..”

Vicky Crayston commented: “If coming from Kirkham, towards the prison but then turning right towards Ribby Hall roundabout is an awful junction. It most definitely needs a right turn filter on there. Also the lights to stay on green longer than a few seconds. Just a couple of suggestions. Thank you”

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