Police Warn Of Marked Increase In Vehicle Crime In Warton

During the early hours of this morning, Wednesday 17th May, a vehicle was been stolen from an address along Lytham Road, Warton.

Enquiries are ongoing – police and CSI are currently in the area obtaining CCTV, gathering evidence, speaking with the victim and following all lines of enquiry.

There has been a marked increase in vehicle crime in the Warton area over the past week, so Fylde Police want to make local residents aware and ask that the following steps are taken, to try to prevent you from becoming a victim, and to make it as difficult as possible for an opportunist offender to target your vehicle.

Fylde Police say:

  • Please remove all valuables from your vehicle – wallets, designer sunglasses, laptops, bank cards, money etc are all items that we are aware have been left inside victims vehicles. If an offender can see these items within your vehicle, then they are more likely to try to gain entry to it, and take them.
  • Please do not keep your vehicle keys near the front door – keeping your vehicle keys near to a window/front door/letterbox might make it easier for an opportunist offender to take them and steal your vehicle. Consider placing them in another room or upstairs within your property.
  • Please consider a signal blocking device for any keyless entry vehicle – these can be bought online relatively cheaply. Different products exist such as pouches, and tins, that you can place your car keys inside. They block the signal from your keys to your vehicle, that an offender might try to intercept, meaning that they cannot gain entry to your vehicle.
  • Please report any suspicious activity to police by calling 101 or 999 in an emergency

Police encourage anyone with any information with regards to the above incident to call 101.

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