Yesterday in St Annes and Lytham was extremely busy, police were dealing with two missing children cases and and St Annes beach looked like a Victorian Post Card.  However, yesterday a pony was attacked by what appeared to be a Cross Collie dog.

Lytham St Annes News were contacted by an upset visitor to the area called Adele.  She told us “I live in Whittle Le Woods, today my friend and I went to Lytham beach and one of our horses was attacked by a loose dog on St Annes beach, who do I contact to sort this problem as the family even said the dog hates horses and sheep yet it was loose to attack!! I have an address of the owner  my poor baby horse was left traumatised and also many families with children that witnessed this attack, the dog was trying to rip her shoulder and her face!! This needs stopping.  The were lots of people shouting and screaming and lots viewing the situation so hopefully something will come of this, sadly it was Bonzo’s (my pony) first time travelling in a horse box and experiencing the beach, this has terrified me and my pony so much we won’t be going again”