Police attended a report of a lock-in at a pub in Preston this afternoon. The police were astonished to find 30 people drinking in the back bar.

The social distancing rules set out by the government were not followed by anyone in the pub and as a result they return home to their family members risking their lives for the sake of a pint. It is ignorance like this that is going to prolong the lockdown measures.

Everyone on the premises left quietly and the supervisor of the pub was issued a Prohibition Notice under the Coronavirus Regulations. Preston City council will review their alcohol licence and they may potentially completely lose it.

Sergeant Horton from the Licensing team at Preston Police has issued a warning to the public that although it may be tempting to attend an event like this having been cooped up at home for months – it is important that we follow government guidelines and stay home. There is a reason why pubs are closed, it is not a punishment it is a prevention.